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  12. Well, both votes are bad take Orange County Ca where Mitt edge Obama because of whites. But the Oc is 34 percent hispanic and 18 percent asian, whites to vote 57 to 41 in favor of Mitt have to be more conserative. Obama did as well as he did with asians since he grew up in Hawaii. Sometimes the asians vote more Dem snd somtimes the hispanics do it just depends.

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  17. That THR story seems to rely a whole lot on speculation and not much on…actual stuff happening, but if Katie Holmes helps blow a hole in the rotten edifice of Scientology? More power to her.Oh, and that Tweet is a masterpiece. :PEdited at 2012-07-07 06:43 pm (UTC)

  18. Jun05S.Mat The plan was for her NOT to see this but as usual she ‘stumbled’ upon it while attempting to use my pc, despite the fact that she owns a Mac book.

  19. “Christ didn’t come to earth as a replacement for truth. He came as the Truth, and forever and always, his truth stands. It remains. It walks. It talks. It breathes his witness on the pages of his Word and on the pages of human hearts—those who are willing to give access to his invasion.”So powerfully written. As I’ve read your words this week — the post below this one I’ve read a few times now unable to comment for lack of eloquency, I am moved closer to Him.Thank you for pointing to the Only One Worthy. –Kristen

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  24. Very sound advice as always Gappy. Being honest about what you want from each other is an absolute must, but some people do have a problem admitting what it is they want.

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  32. Also, I don't think Robin is unique in confirming his ratheist-leaning ragnosticism – Steven Pinker, Bryan Caplan, Richard Dawkins, Geoffrey Miller, and quite a few others have done so as well, albeit sotto voce and in occasionally ambiguous language. Perhaps Mr. Hanson can be criticized for admitting it only quietly, deep in the comments of UR, rather than on the front page of his blog, but… well, if I were their position, I doubt I'd throw myself in front of that bus. If your career and material comfort were at stake, would you?

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  46. This is so biased- and they didn’t even get the name of the LRA right.. calling it the “Lord’s Reformation Army” It’s the Lord’s Resistance Army! Please do your own research and look beyond this article.

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  50. This time around, I expect some timely suits against the DNCOBOT responded:No, he hasn't. Look at his lawsuit. He's not sued the …..obvious comprehension problem with understanding the future tense of "I expect some timely…." to be perverted to the present tense.No wonder OBOTS are liberals WITH A MENTAL DISORDER !!

  51. Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those conovs? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend.

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  71. and @Camille – that’s what I enjoy about posts like this and the great network of career industry minds – we share ideas and perspectives that can open doors… I got several requests to connect today from people I don’t know on LinkedIn and immediately accepted. Like you said, it is about making it possible for opportunity to happen! Great post, by the way!!!

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  73. in an earlier interview that he was ‘scared’ and ‘intimidated’ by the other journalists.Now there is a BBC picture reel showing the journalists in the Rixos, You can clearly see this man huddling together in the same room sharing food and drink in one photograph, and in the other someone is clearly trying to help him put his flak jacket on.‘RT’ is distorted, I’m not saying other news channels aren’t distorted though.

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